We provide specialized intelligence, government relations and stakeholder engagement support for companies doing business in Mexico and Latin America.
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Our Firm

Monarch Global Strategies (previously ManattJones Global Strategies) is a strategic consulting firm with over 15 years of experience providing senior corporate executives with market and political intelligence, strategic advice and stakeholder engagement support to drive market entry and business expansion efforts in North America, with a particular emphasis on Mexico. From our offices in Mexico City, Monterrey (Nuevo Leon), Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., our truly binational, bicultural and biliterate team has deep regional expertise and an invaluable presence on the ground. We have a proven track record of success, expert knowledge of the market and regulatory environment, and connections at the highest levels of business and politics. Our chairman, James R. Jones, a former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, and our president and CEO, Michael C. Camuñez, a former Assistant Secretary of Commerce and White House Special Counsel, have both enjoyed long and distinguished careers in foreign policy and regional commercial and government affairs. We also work with carefully vetted strategic partners to support your business when necessary.

Our Services

Government Relations & <br /> Stakeholder Engagement

Government Relations &
Stakeholder Engagement

New Market Entry & <br /> Site Location Support

New Market Entry &
Site Location Support

Risk Analysis & <br /> Strategic Planning

Risk Analysis &
Strategic Planning

Strategic Advice on <br /> International Trade

Strategic Advice on
International Trade

<br /> Business Development Support

Business Development Support

Access to U.S.-based <br /> Professional Services

Access to U.S.-based
Professional Services

Our Team


Michael C. Camuñez

President and CEO
LA: +1.310.889.0180
DC: +1.202.850.0422
Los Angeles / Washington, D.C.

James R. Jones

T: +1.202.850.0421
Washington, D.C.

Luis R. Rodríguez

Managing Partner
T: +52.81.5350.3367

Andrew I. Rudman

Managing Director
T: +1.202.850.0424
Washington, D.C.

Pedro Niembro

Senior Director
T: +52.55.4163.8318
Mexico City

Geoffrey G. Jones

CFO & SVP Business Development
T: +1.202.850.0423
Washington, D.C.

Begoña Sánchez

T: +52.81.5350.3368

Patricio M. Martínez Dávila

T: +52.81.5350.3366

José Carlos Rodríguez Pueblita

Senior Advisor
T: +52.55.4163.8300
Mexico City

Juan Casillas

Senior Advisor
T: +52.55.4163.8300
Mexico City

Pamela K. Starr

Senior Advisor
Los Angeles

Giselle Fernandez

Senior Advisor
T: +1.310.889.0180
Los Angeles

Case Studies


California-Based Multinational Biopharmaceutical Company

Leading U.S. Solar Industry Manufacturer and Operator

Global Insurance Firm