Practice Description

Mexico’s far-reaching energy reform opened broad swaths of the industry to private investment. Our Energy practice has stayed abreast of these breakthrough developments in both the oil & gas and power sectors. We have been at the forefront of the fast-paced implementation of the new regulations, which, as with any ambitious reform, is still under adjustment.

In light of these dramatic changes, our team provides the policy analysis to better understand the reform’s provisions, while assisting clients in navigating the relevant federal and state government agencies at the highest levels to advocate for policies favoring open and competitive markets. In addition, we provide market entry and business development support by connecting our network of contacts and energy companies with potential clients.


Practice Description

Our Financial Services practice provides comprehensive analysis and advice regarding economic, political, and regulatory issues to support investment firms interested in expanding to Mexico and Latin America.

We provide assistance in identifying specific investment or sectoral opportunities by delivering company and market insights that will produce a robust understanding of the business context. We also provide risk assessments associated with potential investment opportunities.

Specific services provided by Monarch Global Strategies’ Financial Services practice include:

  • Identification of potential investment targets
  • Company-specific and local market intelligence
  • Stakeholder engagement strategy and execution
  • On-the-ground advocacy designed to address strategic, political, and market access challenges
  • Business development services


Practice Description

One of Monarch Global Strategies’ oldest practices, our Healthcare practice serves companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and nutritional supplements sectors. Our deep understanding of Mexico’s healthcare system, its public and private sector institutions, and the regulatory structure provides our clients with unmatched access to government authorities, as well as the correct, culturally-sensitive messaging to engage in effective advocacy related to product approvals and sales to public and private institutions. The practice also has extensive policy and analytical experience on healthcare reform, medical tourism, and private sector opportunities stemming from systemic challenges.

In addition, we have access to a group of highly-skilled experts with extensive knowledge of the U.S. healthcare system.

Practice Description

In an environment of tightening fiscal budgets in several development areas, the Mexican government is seeking Public-Private Partnerships as a solution for several ongoing infrastructure projects. Many new opportunities are emerging, ranging from ports to highways and from pipelines to telecommunications.

With a knowledgeable and well-connected team, Monarch Global Strategies’ Infrastructure practice is in a position to help our clients identify those opportunities and monitor the projects once they are underway. We can help foreign companies find appropriate local, Mexican partners for infrastructure projects, and we provide a deep understanding of permitting and construction licensing, such as environmental and social impact studies – a crucial stage for any project in Mexico. We deliver unique market insights and risk assessment in all phases of a project, as well as access and engagement with key commercial, academic, and political stakeholders in the complex Mexican construction arena.

Practice Description

Our Manufacturing practice has extensive experience helping companies establish new or expand existing operations in Mexico and Latin America. In addition, we have supported companies in comparative analysis of existing operations against alternative locations in the region.

Led out of our Monterrey office, our practice leader has over 10 years’ experience heading the Latin American site location practice for a Big 4 consulting firm in Mexico working with leading global manufacturers and OEMs.

Practice Description

Reform of the telecom sector promises to be as transformative as that of the energy sector. The new autonomous regulatory agency in Mexico is—with real sanctioning power that has imposed monopoly-busting asymmetric regulation as well as infrastructure-sharing mandates. As with energy, the reform’s main objective is to enhance Mexican competitiveness by bringing down factor costs and, in this case, by creating a more competitive environment that will lead to an improvement in the quality of telecom services.

Our TMT practice has its finger on the sector’s pulse and is closely tracking developments and identifying business opportunities for prospective clients. Our team provides the policy analysis to better understand the reform’s provisions, while assisting clients in navigating the relevant government agencies, and providing business development support by identifying opportunities and performing market assessments and intelligence reports.