Our Firm

Monarch Global Strategies (previously ManattJones Global Strategies) is a strategic consulting firm with over 15 years of experience providing senior corporate executives with market and political intelligence, strategic advice and stakeholder engagement support to drive market entry and business expansion efforts in North America, with a particular emphasis on Mexico.

From our offices in Mexico City, Monterrey (Nuevo Leon), Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., our truly binational, bicultural and biliterate team has deep regional expertise and an invaluable presence on the ground.

We have a proven track record of success, expert knowledge of the market and regulatory environment, and connections at the highest levels of business and politics. Our chairman, James R. Jones, a former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, and our president and CEO, Michael C. Camuñez, a former Assistant Secretary of Commerce and White House Special Counsel, have both enjoyed long and distinguished careers in foreign policy and regional commercial and government affairs. We also work with carefully vetted strategic partners to support your business when necessary.

Whether you are an international company or investor seeking to enter the Mexican market for the first time to establish a manufacturing or operational presence, or you need assistance with a complex regulatory, permitting or licensing issue, or you are seeking the best local partners to expand and grow your business, we can help with end-to-end commercial and market entry solutions, from government affairs and stakeholder engagement to due diligence and site location. And we cover a wide range of industry practices such as infrastructure, energy, healthcare, financial services and telecommunications, as well as dynamic manufacturing, site location and nearshoring.

We also support “north-bound” investment from Mexico and Latin America into the United States through a wide range of services and in connection with our strategic relationships with the top law, investment banking, private equity, accounting and public relations firms in the U.S.

Who we work with

Our clients are industry leaders who recognize the opportunities in Mexico and the long-term benefits of investing and doing business in North America, the most competitive economic region in the world. They include Fortune 500 and mid-cap companies with an existing presence in Mexico facing a challenging regulatory problem as well as leading manufacturers ready to take advantage of Mexico’s competitive platform. We work with companies from North America and around the world that are looking for excellence, impeccable business ethics, and a strategic partner to guide their business operations and strategies.

What we do

We’ll put together a team and game plan for you that will:
  • Improve your understanding of the market, competitive environment and regulatory structure to help you determine the best business strategies;
  • Raise confidence in your business case and entry plan through market intelligence and unique in-country insights;
  • Help senior executives build powerful government relationships to address regulatory, market access and other challenges or opportunities;
  • Improve key interactions and approval processes to reduce your risk of setbacks with regulators, interest groups, potential partners and other market players;
  • Help you more quickly and easily establish a physical presence in Mexico and other parts of North and Latin America; and
  • Help investors, from family offices to private equity funds, identify and assess unique acquisition or sales opportunities as part of an overall market strategy.

  • Why “Monarch”?

    The majestic Monarch Butterfly annually migrates to and from Canada and Mexico, traversing the United States, constituting one of the most inspiring symbols of North American integration. That symbol underlies our firm’s core belief in the enduring and promising potential of North America, which by almost every measure represents the most competitive and productive economic region in the world. Unlike other firms who focus on markets far and wide, our core commitment and expertise lies in helping our clients realize the benefits of trade and investment in North America, with a particular emphasis on Mexico and the United States.

    Our Services

    Government Relations & Stakeholder Engagement

    Government Relations &
    Stakeholder Engagement

    Manage government relations at the federal, state and municipal levels, while leveraging private sector businesses and associations, media, and other stakeholders to advance mutual policy interests.
    Government Relations & Stakeholder Engagement

    New Market Entry &
    Site Location Support

    Provide compliance assessments, location support, market insight, strategic advice, and business intelligence, including the identification of government incentives, to companies interested in locating or expanding manufacturing or professional services operations in Mexico and Latin America.
    Government Relations & Stakeholder Engagement

    Risk Analysis &
    Strategic Planning

    Provide political and economic policy and risk analysis, drawing from our unique cultural know-how, to interpret key developments and provide early warning of initiatives that could impact our clients business operations and interests.
    Government Relations & Stakeholder Engagement

    Strategic Advice on
    International Trade

    Deliver professional advisory services regarding foreign trade legislation and specialized operating schemes, including the procurement of export promotion programs and any special benefits arising from free trade agreements.
    Government Relations & Stakeholder Engagement

    Business Development Support

    Identify, screen, and monitor potential business opportunities, prospective clients, joint venture partners, and strategic allies, as well as in-country representatives and third-party service providers.
    Government Relations & Stakeholder Engagement

    Access to U.S.-based
    Professional Services

    Provide access to leading U.S. professional services firms through a range of strategic relationships including access to top-tier legal counsel, accounting, banking, and consulting services in areas such as cross-border M&A, intellectual property rights, and FCPA compliance.