Joint Venture Between Major U.S. and Japanese Steel Producers


A major U.S.-based steel producer entered into a joint venture with a large Japanese steel manufacturer to build and operate a plant in central Mexico to supply the Mexican auto industry. Our client, through the joint venture, sought assistance in obtaining all required permits, authorizations, and licenses required to construct and operate the plant, and secure business development incentives available to it.


We have engaged with relevant federal, state, and local government and private sector officials to announce the planned investment and to apply for the necessary permits, authorizations, and licenses and for qualifying incentive programs. Initial applications have been followed up with an intensive schedule of meetings, briefings, and filings with appropriate agencies. In addition, we orchestrated the official groundbreaking ceremony with the participation of senior company officials, representatives of federal, state and local governments, and members of the press.


This engagement is ongoing, with our initial work ensuring that the project remains on time and on budget for operations to commence in 2019.