Global Insurance Firm


A major international insurance company sought guidance in its bid to enter the Mexican insurance market through the privatization of the state-run insurance company. After winning at auction, the company sought additional government relations support to establish its corporate persona in Mexico.


We helped our client to better understand the decision-making process of other bidders, position itself as a serious contender, and obtain the necessary information to craft a competitive bid proposal. We then helped convert the state-run entity into a private company under a transnational umbrella. We currently provide ongoing government relations support, including political intelligence, policy and business analysis, and we serve as a liaison between their Washington, D.C., and Mexico offices as needed.


Our client completed the purchase and remains a key player in the Mexican insurance market today. Mexico is one of the company’s most important markets outside the United States. In addition, the company is able to execute a seamless bilateral engagement and advocacy strategy to effectively resolve challenges that arise at the federal and state levels.